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Visting the past

2007-09-22 16:02:30 by JVUnderground

Hey guys!
Any of you audio authors ever wanted to redo a song that you made a long time ago but with less experience that you gained through time?
Well I for one am revisiting the past looking for songs that had a good premise but no delivery. Melody wont change much, but style and introductions to climaxes surely will.

I am currently thinking of redoing the following songs:
1. E-Xploration
2. Brunar, the Tiny (**)
3. Vintage Lounge
4. The Earth is Round (*)
5. Rethink (*)

(**) - Song not complete.
(*) - High priority redo.

The point of me posting this here on the front page, is to get as much critical input as possible, so as to improve these songs. Collaboration is accepted, especially on "The Earth is Round" and "Rethink", where vocals are used (and mine are sub-sub-par).

Thanks for the attention.

Pissed off at my new college schedual....

I wish I had some pie.